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Is boating not all about spending quality time with friends and family, in the great outdoors? Then why do many dealers sell boats the way they sell cars, by simply handing over the keys, and working towards the next deal?

However, here at Bavaria we believe that selling a boat is also selling a lifestyle. Getting into the boating, and being able to manoeuvre the boat with confidence contributes to an enjoyable and stress free experience for all on board. So many times we have seen the perfect day on the boat being spoiled by a very nervous skipper, shouting out instructions at his crew (which coincidently includes the wife and kids) when trying to park the brand new boat in its mooring. Eventually this leads to the boat being parked in its mooring, never to be moved till the day the boat gets sold.

Choosing the right boat involves a huge investment for anyone. Once you have decided on the right boat, only then does the real work and running around start. First you need to get the boat certified for sea worthiness. To obtain this certificate, you have to buy all the necessary safety equipment. Then you have to get a contractor to install the equipment. Finally, you have to obtain a SAMSA certified skipper ticket rating.

At Bavaria we make all this much easier, because every boat sold by us includes our exclusive Dock Side Package. This means that every boat is fully surveyed, and then issued with a SAMSA seaworthiness certificate. In other words, all the safety equipment needed is included, and already installed. This includes the life raft, life jackets, flares, VHF radio and all other safety equipment. It also includes the mooring lines and fenders.

Bavaria arranges practical training for your specific boat. This includes boat handling, specifically safety at sea, mooring the boat, basic radio procedures and basic maintenance. Thereafter you attend the BAVARIA SEA SCHOOL at no extra cost. The course is presented by SAMSA approved instructors, and covers all the SAMSA required modules, including theory on boat handling, navigation, safety equipment handling, weather etc. After completing the course, your first sunset cruise will be is as easy as simply turning the ignition key. The experience should be yours, in full control, and as stress free and enjoyable as possible.

The BAVARIA SEA SCHOOL is exclusive to Bavaria boat owners. Our philosophy translates into convenient and confident boating, while still understanding the importance of respecting fellow boaters, and the great seas.

Courses are presented in Cape Town with examination possible in various nationwide centres. The courses will be presented quarterly.

Contact Geoff on 082 562 5145 for further information.

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